10 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm Without Turning the Heat on or Up

10 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm Without Turning the Heat on or Up

When Winter sets in, utility bills go up. This doesn’t always have to be the case. You can save money and still keep warm during the Winter with the following tips to help you:

1. Keep the wind out:
Cold winds and winter drafts will drop the temperature in your home considerably. Blocking winds to keep the drafts out by sealing or covering windows and doors with curtains and other materials will help to reduce the amount of heat lost as a result.

2. Light a fire:
Fire is the oldest source of heat known to man. You can heat up your home with a fire in the fireplace or simply light some candles.

3. Drink something warm:
Drink warm fluids to stay warm. Seems so easy, and it is!

4. Wear more layers of clothes:
Layer up with clothes to keep your core temperature warm and keep the cold out.

5. Cook at home:
Cooking is a great way to warm up the home.  (and the tummy)

6. Open your curtains and blinds during the day:
This will allow in the heat of the sun and warm up your home.

7. Stay active:
Keep active by exercising, dancing or engaging in any fun activities that will work up a sweat or keep your heart rate up. This is also healthy!

8. Cover bear floors:
Invest in rugs to cover up bear floors. This will block the cold from coming through the floor so easily and make it easier to walk around your house barefoot.

9. Use your humidifier:
Keep humidity high by using a humidifier. Your body feels warmer when the air is humid.

10.Change your beddings:
Use down comforters, flannel sheets and extra blankets to keep warm.

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