4 Myths About AC Units from Your Leading Residential Solar Company in Novato

4 Myths About AC Units from Your Leading Residential Solar Company in Novato

Any Residential Solar Company in Novato will tell you misinformation about AC use is very widespread. At Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling we see a lot of myths and urban legends concerning air conditioner use as well. Despite being well intended these myths are factually incorrect and can be costly.

Four Common Misconceptions about Air Conditioners

Doing business as a residential solar company in Novato, means encountering these very common misconceptions about AC Units. This misinformation is repeated regularly and commonly centers on costs and how to reduce them. As everyone wants to reduce energy costs these myths are considered to be ‘good common sense’ despite being factually incorrect.

  1. An Energy Saving Model Guarantees Savings: Simply buying an energy efficient AC model will not guarantee savings. While energy efficient models are advisable, they need to be installed properly. An improperly installed AC unit will not be as efficient or perform as well it should. Always hire a professional to assure you are getting the best performance possible.
  2. An AC Unit Uses Absolutely No Energy when turned off: Like many modern electronics (such as TVs, video game systems, microwaves, etc.) Window AC units use a small amount of power when plugged in and turned off. This can be prevented by unplugging the unit or using a specialized power strip, however, note that the amount of energy an AC unit uses when powered off is very minor.
  3. Running an AC Unit More Saves on Costs: This particular myth is based on the idea that more energy is used cooling down a room than simply keeping it at a steady lower temperature. This is incorrect as this is both more costly and inefficient. When leaving your home for an extended period of time turning the unit off (or at a higher temperature setting) saves money and most AC units can cool a home relatively quickly.
  4. Turning the Temperature to Its Lowest Setting Cools a Room Faster: the temperature setting on an AC unit controls what temperature you want a home or room to be it does not speed up the cooling process.

When You Need an AC Specialist in Novato

When looking for an experienced company that is dedicated to high-quality honest work, please call Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling today for service and product information.