5 Tips To Help You Save Money On Home Maintenance

5 Tips To Help You Save Money On Home Maintenance

Here are 5  tips to help you save money on home maintenance this spring!

1. Clean your gutters: Not only will water and leaves accumulating in your gutters cause them to rust and rot, water flowing over can accumulate near your foundation and cause damage and weakening.

2. Clean your dryer vent: Your dryer is much less efficient when the air can’t get through the vent, cleaning the vent tray after every load makes a big difference. You should also occasionally vacuum the hose that leads to the outside vent as lint that gets through from the dryer can accumulate there.

3. Plant a tree: Planting trees in strategic locations can provide both shade from the heat and a windbreak from the cold. Make sure you do some research into the type of tree and root system before planting too close to your home.

4. Re-Seal windows and doors: As you heat and cool your home, air can escape through doors windows and vents if they are not caulked annually. This can represent a major expense in the proportion of your home heating and cooling costs.

5. Schedule routine maintenance of your HVAC system: The cost of routine maintenance is much lower than the cost of repairs, make sure you follow the proper servicing plan. Our Gold Club Membership can take all of the guess work out of your maintenance!

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