AC Maintenance: Prepare Your Air Conditioning System for summer

AC Maintenance: Prepare Your Air Conditioning System for summer

Before the high temperatures associated with summer arrive, it is always good to ensure that your air conditioning system is in best condition so that the comfort and enjoyment of your summer is not spoiled. It is always good to engage the services of a professional, and we at Moore Heating & Air Conditioning are ready to ensure that when summer comes, you are more than prepared.

Filter replacement                                                

The first thing that we will check is the air filter. We advise you to replace your filter every month. When you do this, your unit will be running freely with no restrictions and the air cycled in your home or office will be clean. The other benefit is that allergic reactions will be minimal.

Inspecting the thermostat

The next thing that we will do is inspect your air conditioning system’s thermostat. This is because your AC is rendered useless if the thermostat is not in good working condition. You can always do this yourself by turning down the thermostat and bringing it to a cool setting. It should turn itself on and push the cold air out. If this is not what happens, then call a professional.

Cleaning the conditioner

The unit should also undergo cleaning since it easily clogs with dust, leaves and other sorts of debris that will make it hard for air to flow freely. This will help you save energy and also notice any necessary repairs.

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