Add to the Value of Your Home with Solar Installation in Santa Rosa

Add to the Value of Your Home with Solar Installation in Santa Rosa

Thousands of Santa Rosa homeowners are now seeking ways to add value to their property to improve their return on investment. In reviewing the options, it’s important to work with experts that have experience adding tangible value to local properties. Our team are experts in this area, and in this latest post, we’ll explore the benefits of solar panel installation for your Santa Rosa property.

Significant Electricity Savings

The latest data shows that the installation of solar panels on your Santa Rosa home can help you save thousands of dollars over many years on your electricity bills. Clean energy directly from the sun is free to use. With the price of natural gas and electricity rising quickly in the current marketplace, you can now make significant financial returns by switching to solar panels for powering your home.

Generous Incentives

Santa Rosa homeowners can also benefit financially from generous government incentives when they complete the installation of solar panels on their home. Those who qualify for the incentive will be paid by their local utility company for the use of the electricity produced by their home’s solar panels. The process of applying for these incentives is simple and can be completed in a few short steps.

Committing to the Environment

Another clear advantage of using clean solar energy over other forms of energy is that you can make an active commitment to the local and national environment. Solar energy is among the cleanest forms of energy available to homeowners. It doesn’t involve emissions being released into the air and it doesn’t require significant amounts of natural resources to be removed from the earth for its use. By switching to solar power through solar panel installation in your Santa Rosa home, you’ll be working to safeguard the environment and creating a better future for your family and those around you.

Why Choose Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling?

In making the switch to solar energy, it’s imperative you choose a specialist you can trust to provide lasting value through their installation work. Our team here at Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling has vast experience in this area. The benefits of our services include:

  • You’ll get a free home assessment
  • We offer 100% financing options
  • We’re among the most experienced installers of solar panels in Santa Rosa

To learn more on your full range of solar panel installation options, call our Santa Rosa team now or book your free assessment directly!