Calculating the Number of Solar Panels Your Home Needs

Calculating the Number of Solar Panels Your Home Needs

You have decided that getting solar panels for your Novato home is a great way to be eco-friendlier while saving money on your energy bills. But that leaves you with a lot of questions on how to move forward. One of the first questions you may have is how many solar panels will I need? At Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling, we understand you have questions about your solar panels in Novato. We’re here to help. There are several factors that go into determining how many panels you should look into investing in for your home.

Factors that You’ll Need to Consider

  • You’ll need to check your electricity bill for your average usage over the year. This will determine how many Kilowatt Hours were used by your household on average.
  • Next, you’ll need to determine the amount of sunlight your home gets. A home that’s located in a sunny city that doesn’t have a lot of shade from nearby trees will need less solar panels to get the same amount of solar power as a home that’s in a cloudier city or more shaded from the sun.
  • Another factor that has to be considered when determining how many solar panels you’ll need for your home is the solar panels themselves. What size and level of quality are they? Typically, a home will use Photovoltaic solar panels or PV solar panels which have a range of 150 watts to 370 watts a panel. This wide range comes from the fact that the size and efficiency of the panel plays a role in how much wattage they produce. Smaller roofs or homes with unique rooflines may have to use smaller panels while larger homes can often use a smaller number of larger panels.

Amount of Solar Power

When considering solar panels in Novato, you must consider the amount of solar power you’ll need based on the factors you evaluated previously. Your daily power and amount of sunlight will determine how much solar power you’ll need, and this information can be used along with the shape of your roof to see which panels will fill your solar power requirements.

Get Solar Panels in Novato Today

Contact Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling today if you’d like to explore your options with powering your home with solar power. We can help you to determine the number of solar panels you’ll need and answer questions that you may have about setting up solar power in your Novato home.