Closing off vents in unused rooms; useful or hurtful?

Closing off vents in unused rooms; useful or hurtful?

“I’m not in that room… Maybe I should just close off the vent and let the Air Conditioner hit the rest of my house…”

Does this sound like something you’d say?

You may be causing more harm than good in the short-term and long-term of your air conditioning system.

Short-term gains in comfort:

  • The rest of the registers will blow more air and it’ll feel cooler.

Short-term losses in comfort:

  • As soon as the Air Conditioner turns off, the warm air in the closed off rooms mixes with the cold air with the rest of the house, heating up the air in the house faster.
  • furniture in the closed off rooms acts like a heat sink and releases its heat into the cooler air… further heating up the ambient air even faster.

Long-term gains in comfort:

  • None.

Long-term losses in comfort:

  • Closing off registers can also increase the pressure inside your home’s ductwork. When the pressure increases, the amount of air that moves through your system decreases. Your air conditioner works on the principle of transferring the heat from inside your home to outside. When your air conditioning system (which is sized for your ENTIRE home) and ductwork is altered, the effect can cause decreased efficiency.
  • Decreasing the amount of airflow can also cause the coil (the indoor cooling unit located adjacent to your furnace) to freeze over… eliminating the cooling potential. When the freezing of the coil happens, the air conditioner system efficiency plummets. Ice forming on the coil will continue to form and decrease the airflow even more.

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