Common Misconceptions about Heating Your Home

Common Misconceptions about Heating Your Home

Heating your home helps keep you comfortable throughout the cooler months of the year. However, it also increases the cost of your monthly energy bills. Due to this, many home owners will go to great lengths to save money on their heating bills. The problem is, much of what people do either don’t work, or end up costing them more in the long run. That is exactly why you need to know the most common misconceptions about heating repairs in Santa Rosa

  • Blocking Some Vents Helps Improve Money Savings

One of the most common heating misconceptions is if you block some vents it will reduce your heating cost. This simply is not true. In fact, blocking a vent may cause your furnace to work harder in order to heat your home (to make up for the blocked vent). This means you’ll face costly heating repairs in Santa Rosa services earlier on.

  • Fiberglass Insulation is All You Need Inside Your Home

Investing in fiberglass insulation is an excellent way to put money back into your home. However, this does not completely reduce heat loss. You still need additional insulation throughout your home in order to make sure heat is not lost after it enters your house.

  • Duct Tape is Used for Duct Work

There is a common misconception that duct tape is in existence because of working on heating and cooling ducts. However, despite the spelling of the product, duct tape is not used for work on HVAC systems. In fact, the residue on the tape may end up causing all sorts of problems later on down the road. It also isn’t best for dealing with higher temperatures. Due to this, it is always best to bring in HVAC professionals to work on your ventilation and duct work with proper tools instead of attempting to correct the problem yourself while using incorrect material.

Ensuring your entire HVAC system runs at peak efficiency not only saves you money as a home owner but it reduces your energy consumption while keeping you comfortable. Due to this, when it comes to heating repairs in Santa Rosa, you need to turn to the professionals at Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling. So, if you’re reading to restore functionality to your heating unit or you simply have questions on how to save money throughout the year, feel free to reach out and contact Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling today!