Common Myths about Sonoma Air Conditioners

Common Myths about Sonoma Air Conditioners

You depend on your AC to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout much of the year. Due to this, it is one of the most continually used appliances in the entire house. Despite your AC unit being a rather straight forward device as it has one specific job to do, there are a large number of myths about air conditioners you need to educate yourself on. By understanding these different myths, you’ll know how to better take control of your entire HVAC system service in Sonoma.

  • Turning Off the system Saves Money

Unplugging your television or cell phone charger when you go to work is a good way to save a few dollars off your monthly energy bills. However, turning your AC completely off is not such a money saver. This is because while your AC is off the temperature will continually rise. So, by the time you arrive back home your AC will have to work harder, longer, to reach the optimal temperature. This may end up costing you more money in the long run, not to mention putting greater strain on your AC.

  • Turn the Temp Down All the Way to Cool Off Room Faster

If you have ever walked into an especially hot room, you probably have really cranked the temperature down, assuming it would cool it off faster. However, this is one air conditioning service Sonoma professionals want you to know is false. Pumping a different air temperature into your home takes the exact amount of time, regardless of if you want it to be 78 or 68 degrees. The treated air comes from the AC and is pulled in through the air intake duct of the house. It doesn’t matter the temperature you set it at as this process takes the same amount of time. However, what does happen is you’ll end up spending more money cooling your home because you set the temperature at a substantially lower temperature.

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