Cut Your Home Energy Bill with Solar Installation

Investing in a vehicle with a battery cell is an excellent way to not only save money in the long run on transportation but also cut down on your carbon footprint. With a host of available rebates available both at the state and federal levels, the cost of a brand new electric vehicle is more affordable now than ever before. However, you still need to dock and charge your car at home so it is ready for work the next day. While cheaper than purchasing costly gas, it still increases your energy bills. To permanently eliminate the cost of charging your vehicle, you need to consider solar installation in Santa Rosa.

Take Advantage of Solar Installation in Santa Rosa

When considering solar panel installation, you may not want to invest completely in covering your home’s roof in solar paneling. While an exceptional investment opportunity, not everyone is ready for this kind of commitment. Instead, why not go with a smaller option? By installing solar paneling specifically to charge your electric vehicle you’ll have a smaller up-front cost while seeing net rewards far sooner than ever before. Instead of watching your monthly energy bill go up due to the new electric vehicle, you can fully charge the car while still slashing energy consumption. Best of all, if your vehicle does not use all the energy your solar panels generate, it can then go back and help reduce your home’s overall consumption.

Take Advantage of New Incentives

With the combination of both state and federal tax incentives on buying electric vehicles, it is now possible to purchase a new car for less than the gasoline variations. Additionally, there are different clean power initiatives for home solar installation as well. This way, you not only can save money on buying a new vehicle but also on charging it at home with your solar paneling.

To nearly completely reduce your carbon footprint while driving an electric vehicle, you need to go green with how the vehicle charges. There is no better way than through solar paneling. With the help of solar installation in Santa Rosa, you can charge your vehicle with the power of the sun and not see any increase in your monthly energy bills. So, whether you have questions regarding solar panel installation or you’re ready for an in-home estimate, contact the team at Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling at (707) 433-2250.