Determining the Life of Your HVAC System

Determining the Life of Your HVAC System

How long will your HVAC system last? That’s a good question, and an important one – after all, you rely on your heating and air conditioning for your day-to-day comfort, so you want to be assured that it’s performing effectively and that it will give you many years of good service. Typically, you can expect between ten and twelve years of optimum use before your system needs to be replaced. With proper, regular maintenance, you may get between fifteen and twenty years.

What if you’re not the original homeowner, though, and you’re faced with problems but don’t know whether to repair or replace because you have no idea how old the system is? There are things you can look for that may indicate a system that’s past its “best before” date. The biggest tip-offs are performance issues and cost. For instance, if you find that your home is excessively humid during the summer months, that’s an indication that you may have old, inefficient equipment or leaky ductwork (also a sign of an aging system). Mold or mildew could develop, and you may see damage to interior woodwork or furnishings.

Your energy costs could also skyrocket during the heating or cooling system – if you’re paying a lot more for electricity this season than you did last, that’s a good indication that the equipment is old and wearing out. High cooling bills could mean that your air conditioning unit has a rating of 10 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) or lower – units made in the past 10 years range between 13 and 24 SEER. Replacing the unit can give you energy savings of as much as 60 per cent.

You do have some control over how long your system can be expected to last – a properly installed, properly maintained system will last considerably longer than one that isn’t professionally installed and doesn’t get regular maintenance.

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