Don't Prolong Heating Repair if You Want To Lower Your Energy Costs

Don’t Prolong Heating Repair if You Want To Lower Your Energy Costs

If you are like most folks in Santa Rosa & San Rafael areas, power bills must cause you sleepless nights. EPA reckons areas where lot of heating is required consume a lot of energy as heating and cooling account 48% of your total energy expenses.

How to Reduce Power Bills

Luckily, there is a way out of this fix through heating repair and maintenance. When you use an established Santa Rosa HVAC contractor, you will not only be enhancing your indoors comfort, but also reducing energy costs.

Here is how heating and air conditioning contractors will get you out of your huge power bill:

1. Maintenance for efficiency: Once you contract a Napa contractor, they will rectify areas that are limiting optimal performance of your heating and cooling system. For instance, filter repair enhances performance and less energy is used in heating and cooling your home.

2. Part replacement for energy efficiency: If part of your system is not working optimally, heating repair specialists remedy the problem by replacing such a part thus making your system more energy efficient.

3. Better installation: If a heating and cooling system is badly installed, you could be losing hundreds of dollars every year. Petaluma heating and air conditioning contractors help through modification of the whole system to ensure the unit is placed in a section where its performance is optimized. This reduces energy wastage thus saving you money.

4. Home improvement advice: A heating contractor can carry out your home’s energy audit in order to recommend ways to reduce energy loss. Corrective measures, such as insulation, are results of these audits.

If you live in Sonoma County & San Rafael areas, it is time to cut your energy costs. Moore Heating & Air Conditioning has expertise and resources to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Just Call (707) 387-0265.