Dryer Vent Fire in Petaluma, Get Involved!

Dryer Vent Fire in Petaluma, Get Involved!

Owners Curtis Moore and Jon Diamond were saddened by the news of this house fire located virtually in their backyard. “It’s tragic to see another dryer vent fire in our area,” said Curtis, when he watched the news clip from this incident.

According to recent FEMA study on Clothes Dryer Fires from 2008-2010, 2,900 fires are started annually due to clothes dryers. Also, the study concludes that the number one reason of clothes dryer fires is “Failure To Clean.”

“With the recent fire in my hometown of Petaluma that fully displaced a family and left them with close to nothing, we knew that we had to reach out to the family and do what we can to help,” stated Jon Diamond during an all-hands meeting of the company to brainstorm ideas to help out the Olliver family.


  • $99.00 for a complete Dryer Vent cleaning with a free furnace safety inspection (normally a $359 value).
  • $10 of EVERY cleaning will be donated to the Olliver family in hopes of rebuilding all that they have lost.

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