Flu Season on High Alert!

Flu Season on High Alert!

Seems like everyone around you is sick all of the time? We’ve had our fair share of the flu spread around our company as well.

In the past, we have discussed the advantages of the Air Scrubber and how it can proactively clean your home and HVAC system.

But, did you know…

The Air Scrubber does more than just eliminate dirt and debris. It actually has been proven to reduce counts of pollens, viruses, bacteria, and molds in your home. Here is a brief overview of some of the organisms that the Air Scrubber can remove and it’s effectiveness of doing so:

As you can see, it is evident that the air scrubber actually helps to clean the surfaces in your home.

The big question…

Our immune system is constantly battling these little intruders. Usually, it does a good job too! It is only when their are too many pathogens that our bodies cannot keep up and we end up getting sick. The big question is… If we reduce the amount of work our immune system has to do, will we get sick less?

While there is no solid evidence for or against this question, it would be logical that our bodies can only handle so much before an infection and subsequent illness can occur.

How We Get Sick

There are 4 main contributing factors that need to be in place for a pathogen like a virus or bacteria to infect us and make us sick:

  • There needs to be a way for the pathogen to enter the body (lungs, eyes, nose, mouth)
  • The pathogen must be able to get us sick (canine illnesses don’t affect us)
  • There must be an adequate amount of pathogen entering the body
  • Our immune system must be weak or pathogen is new to our system
With the last bullet point, our original question may be answered… If we can do something to “free-up” our immune system, we may be better suited to ward off the flu during this cold and flu season.

Breathe Easier With an Air Scrubber

Reducing the amount of infectious agents on your home’s surfaces and providing cleaner air in the process will ensure that you breathe easier this winter.
We understand you may have some questions about this technology. We have included a list of frequently asked questions below that will hopefully get you the answers you need. If not, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us a message!

Frequently Asked Air Scrubber Questions:

Why is an Air Scrubber different?

Most indoor air purification and filter systems use passive technology to circulate the air in the home through a filtration system. However, this system fails to clean surfaces that carry millions of germs, like doorknobs, toilets, kitchen counters and pet areas. The Air Scrubber cleans and disinfects the air and surfaces of your home, reducing up to 99.9% of surface micro-organisms and 90% of airborne micro-organisms. The most highly respected labs in the country have tested and validated the effectiveness of the Air Scrubber filtration system.

Does The Air Scrubber eliminate odors?

Working through your heating and air conditioning units, the Air Scrubber uses specialized germicidal UV light waves along with a proprietary catalytic process to reduce dust, pet dander and odors in your home. You will be able to reduce common smells such as pet odor, cigarette smoke, paint fumes, mold smells and the occasional burnt food odor.

Can The Air Scrubber help reduce allergy symptoms?

The Air Scrubber has been clinically proven to reduce dust, mold, pollen or many of the other pollutants that can cause irritation and allergies symptoms.

How does The Air Scrubber protect my expensive HVAC system?

A new heating and air conditioning system can easily cost as much as a new car! The Air Scrubber extends the life of your existing HVAC system by preventing tiny particles of dirt, dust and other debris from entering through the filter, damaging the coils and blower of your system, eventually causing it to fail. A protected HVAC system can last 15 years or more at peak efficiency, saving you money on your utility bill every month and reducing the need for expensive service calls. A dirty, unprotected system may need to be replaced in as little as five years.

What is in the Air Scrubber Technology?

ActivePure™ Technology is based on a variation of the technology originally developed for use in the International Space Station and is recognized as the exclusive Certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation in its category.

Is there scientific proof that Air Scrubber technology works?

Not only do we have over 1500 pages of testing, we also have the highest level of testing available. These two tests cost almost 1 million dollars to complete and took almost 3 years to get the results back. They are university tests that are not only lab tests – they then survive the rigor of the “peer review” process. That means that the scientific community must agree with the test results before they are independently published.

Is ozone used in this technology?

One version of the Air Scrubber uses extremely small amounts of ozone to reduce odors quickly. This amount is comparable to that found outdoors in nature. Our models with ozone are safe when installed and used properly. These units provide control of many odors and contaminants while maintaining levels well below the US EPA and California EPA exposure limits. However, please realize that an ozone free version is available as well.

How is the Air Scrubber different from a filter or a UV light?

A filter or a UV light functions as a trap. It is only effective with what comes to it. The ActivePure™ scrubbers produced by the the Air Scrubber act offensively – going out to get the irritating or unhealthy contaminants that we don’t want in our home. This technology copies what nature does outside. Notice there are no filters outside in nature.

Does the Air Scrubber use a lot of electricity?

The Air Scrubber uses only 19 watts of electricity, that’s less than one third of a standard 60-watt light bulb, and complies with all federal EPA regulations.

How much square footage can Air Scrubber Plus® cover?

A standard unit covers up to 2000 square feet when operating and will be working with maximum efficiency within 4 days of installation.