Getting Ready for Warmer Weather

Getting Ready for Warmer Weather

The life expectancy of an air conditioner today is about 10-15 years. That’s assuming that the owner takes care of proper maintenance as well as having a yearly inspection by an HVAC professional. Since our temperatures are already on the climb, don’t delay in doing your part and scheduling your annual maintenance call.

Here are a few things that you should do regularly to extend the life of your air conditioner and keep a few dollars in your pocket.

  • Inspect your furnace filter monthly. That doesn’t mean that you will need to change it or clean it each month. But, how will you know if you don’t look to see if it needs changing?
  • Clean your condensate drain line. Don’t know how to do this? Well, since you are about to schedule your professional to inspect your AC, get them to show you what to do.
  • Inspect your condenser. This is the outside part of your system. Clean off any leaves or debris that may have collected over the winter. Trim back shrubs or landscaping to at least 2′ to 3′ from the condenser.
  • Use a hose to spray off the exterior portion of the condenser. You do need to turn off the power prior to doing this for your safety.
  • Check registers and return vents to be sure that they are not blocked by rugs, furniture or piles of clothing in your teen’s room.
  • Take a look at your ductwork if you are willing to enter your attic, basement or crawlspace. You may notice disconnected sections or loose tape that you can repair with mastic sealant or insulation and metal tape.

Spending a little time on these maintenance items each spring will go a long way, especially when you pair that effort with a professional inspection and tune up. The folks at Moore Heating & Air will follow up on your inspection and cleaning at a deeper level. If you can’t muster the courage to go into your attic, basement or crawlspace, don’t worry, we have seen it all.

And, we go the extra mile to be sure that you are informed about our services in a way that you understand.

Give us a call first and get that maintenance call on your calendar. Then get started on your part.

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