How Essential Are Heating Repairs?

How Essential Are Heating Repairs?

Stepping into a warm home from the cold outdoors is like stepping into your own personal oasis. When a heater stops working, you may be tempted to let it be and rely on other methods for heat such as space heaters and candles. However, it is vital to perform heating repairs as soon as possible due to the dangers posed by other heating sources. This is why we take heating repairs seriously for our customers.

Alternative heat sources can pose a fire hazard when not used properly. Unattended candles can tip, fireplaces can throw ashes and light a nearby rug on fire, and stoves and space heaters might overheat during the night. In addition, none of these sources will heat your whole home, leaving you without sufficient heat during cold nights. A working, properly inspected heater should not catch fire and can be left unattended.

Using generators and similar electric machines increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This odorless, colorless gas prevents you from being able to absorb oxygen, causing dizziness, nausea, and eventually, suffocation. Such a risk to your family should be avoided, which can be done with proper heating repairs.

In addition, waiting to repair a heater can put your home at risk for frozen water pipes. When this occurs, your pipes could burst from the expanding ice, leading to flooding and water damage in your home. This creates additional expenses that would not have been present if the heater had been repaired immediately.

You should not attempt to do repairs yourself, as you risk obtaining burns or creating a fire hazard. Instead, we at Moore Heating & Air Conditioning will take care of the job. We understand that your heater can go out at any time so call us 24/7 at 707-814-4347.