How to Identify the Right Company for Your Furnace Repairs

How to Identify the Right Company for Your Furnace Repairs

When you need to have HVAC or furnace repairs, it’s important to go to the right company in order to elongate the useful life of your furnace. Badly done servicing and maintenance will affect its efficiency, causing you to spend more on energy bills, and it can even lead to permanent damage of some parts like the air ducts.

Before choosing your contractor, you should ascertain the following:

  • They should have good references given by their previous clients, as well as stellar online reviews on their heating repairs services.
  • They should meet all the licensing requirements according to the state regulation.
  • They should have manufacturer endorsement and/or certification about their knowledge of different HVAC systems.
  • The company must be able to offer you, in writing, a guarantee on their workmanship and/or products if you’re getting parts replaced.

At Moore Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer top notch furnace repairs services for a wide range of HVAC systems. Our technicians are highly trained and have experience in handling a wide range of heating and air conditioning systems. That’s not all; we are in full adherence to state and federal regulation regarding licensing, and we offer 100% guarantee on our workmanship.

It gets better; Moore HVAC is interested in saving you money and from our site, you can take advantage of the following offers:

  1. Air conditioning/furnace safety inspection and tune-up for only $19.00
  2. Air conditioning/heating diagnostic service call for only $19.00
  3. Second quotes for replacement or repair ABSOLUTELY FREE

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