HVAC System Inspections for Hot Summer

HVAC System Inspections for Hot Summer

According to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), over 46% of homeowners in Petaluma have problems with their air-conditioning units during summer.  If you want to avoid a night akin to sleeping in an oven, the perfect solution is to have your HVAC System inspected early on.

Preventive Maintenance

Why worry about summer heat in the Sonoma and San Rafael areas anyway? Because your system will have more workload to cool the indoors, it will be prone to more breakdowns and other malfunctions.

When you have Moore Heating & Air Conditioning regularly checking your unit, it will be primed for anticipated increased workload, thus reducing such problems. However, that’s not all. You will enjoy better IAQ (indoor air quality) at home, and isn’t this what you long for?

In the same breath, these inspections save you money because you will avoid calling for emergency services during the hot season when rates are over the roof. You will realize such savings by having a more efficient unit, which again reduces energy consumption.

What the Experts Do

Your HVAC System is an intricate appliance and only a professional and reputable firm in Santa Rosa, such as Moore Heating & Air Conditioning, should handle it. We have years of experience and vast resources to cater for any checkups.  The range of services includes:

  • Filter examination
  • Filter cleaning by unclogging it
  • Thermostat testing and calibration checkups to enhance efficiency
  • Blower and safety controls assessment.
  • Electrical component functional check-ups

With these and more services, your indoors will be more accommodating as the entire layout will be tuned up to aerate, heat and cool it. Who said summer in Napa has to be a long stretch of living in a sauna?  Just call (707) 387-0265(707) 387-0265.