Importance of a Furnace Tune Up

Importance of a Furnace Tune Up

Winter is setting in. It is time to fire up that furnace again. It is also time to ensure that it is working at optimum efficiency. If you have not already had your furnace checked this year, the following are some reasons to have an annual tune up:


1.  Ensure the safety of your home

A small gas leak can result in an explosion in your home. The leakage of carbon monoxide formed from combustion can also pose a health risk to the occupants of your home. Having an annual tune up will ensure that the combustion process is efficient and that there are no leakages.

2.  Improve energy efficiency

Furnace repairs ensure that everything is working the best it can. This ensures efficiency in the consumption of fuel and gas. Heating your home will therefore be much cheaper.

3.  Reduces the frequency and complexity of repairs

Having a professional come in annually to carry out a tune up will ensure the early spotting of problems. A professional HVAC contractor can fix problems before they develop into more serious issues that are not only more complex to solve but also more expensive.

4.  Ensures that you maintain your warranty

If you are concerned about your warranty, be sure to have an annual tune up. This will ensure that you remain within the requirements of the warranty. If you fail to do so, your warranty will be void. If anything were to happen, you would not be able to take advantage of it.

If you have not had your annual tune up yet, call (707) 387 – 0265.