Let us clean your house!

Let us clean your house!

Moore Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to introduce a new solution in Air Quality Management!

When we looked into Air Quality products this last year, one product really seemed to stand out from the rest. The Air Scrubber utilized technology that really resonated with us and made perfect sense.

In a University study, the Air Scrubber not only eliminated nasty bacteria, gasses, and particulate in the air; it actually greatly affected the cleanliness of the surfaces in the surrounding areas! We found that to be a very significant result!

It is the first product that we have seen that does more than just clean the air… It cleans and protects your ducts, furnace, and home surfaces from mold, bacteria, and more.

As seen in the video, there are many benefits to using the Air Scrubber. One of the key things to remember is that the Air Scrubber is only ‘on’ when your furnace fan is on as well. We recommend that with every Air Scrubber installation, a good quality thermostat with a circulate feature is installed as well. The circulate feature allows for your furnace fan and Air Scrubber to run at random intervals throughout the day and night to circulate your home’s air in the event that the furnace or air conditioner is not constantly being run.

Many of us at Moore Heating & Air Conditioning have installed these into our own homes and we are proud to be able to bring this excellent product to you!

Call us today to talk with us about installing an Air Scrubber in your home!