Looking for Air Conditioning Repair in Marin County?

Looking for Air Conditioning Repair in Marin County?

It could be making a buzzing, banging or clanking noise. Or it could be turning on and then immediately shutting off. Perhaps most troubling of all? It could be blowing air through your registers but the air is warm, not cool.

It’s no wonder that you’re breaking out in a sweat as you face the prospect of an air conditioning repair in Marin County. But you have good reason to “chill” on two fronts:

  • Many air conditioning repairs are common, so it’s not as though you have to worry that you have a foreign problem on your hands.
  • The most skilled and experienced air conditioning repair company in Marin County, Moore Heating & Air Conditioning, can fix whatever is ailing your air conditioner, so it’s just a matter of time before your system functions as it should.

Air conditioning repair in Marin County

When you think about what a complex piece of machinery your central air conditioner is, it’s surprising that it doesn’t malfunction more often than it does. Once your thermostat signals that the room temperature is higher than the set temperature, your air conditioner gets to work by pulling warm air out of your home. Then the complexities begin when that warm air, with the help of refrigerant, is converted from a liquid to a gas and back again before cool air is pumped through your home.

Plenty of things can go wrong along the way. The U.S. Department of Energy pinpoints four common problems in particular:

  • A buildup of dirt on the filter, coils or compressor, which can undercut the efficiency of your air conditioner and even cause it to break down. Checking the filter every month – and replacing it when you can no longer see through it – is one safeguard. Regular air conditioner tune-ups is another.
  • Refrigerant issues, usually in the form of a leak or low refrigerant
  • Drainage problems, most often caused by a crack in the condensate pan or drain line or a blocked drain line
  • Electrical failures, which often are traced to corroded or damaged wires or connections or a worn blower
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    component or compressor. You can often detect electrical failures by a burning smell when the air conditioner turns on. Moore Heating & Air Conditioning has seen it all when it comes to air conditioning repair in Marin County – and we’ve fixed it all, too. We say what we mean and mean what we say: our experienced technicians make it “100 percent right or it’s 100 percent free.” Call us at 707.433.2250 and find out why we’re the go-to air conditioning experts, who help people keep their cool about the prospect of any air conditioning repair in Marin County.