Moore Heating and Air Conditioning Explains 5 Tips for Achieving Energy Efficiency at Home

Moore Heating and Air Conditioning Explains 5 Tips for Achieving Energy Efficiency at Home

Energy efficiency is one of the leading topics in the HVAC marketplace. It’s a topic the leading market experts are constantly considering as they look to help reduce the amount of money homeowners spend on their energy. Reducing costs involves gaining an understanding on how to manage home energy infrastructure, and the team at Moore Heating and Air Conditioning are now providing their expert guidance with 5 tips for home energy efficiency.

1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Homeowners can begin the energy saving process by simply having a programmable thermostat installed in their home. This will allow them to ensure they are using hot or cold air only during times when they are at home. This means they can control the temperature with greater levels of precision throughout the day.

2. Change Filters Regular

The leading heating and air conditioning firms continually try to educate their clients on the importance of changing their filters. Home air filters can quickly become clogged with dust and other debris. This can cause the entire system to work harder, pushing out more air than is required just to achieve the same level of heating or cooling.

3. Insulate Water Heaters

Heat loss within a water heater can cause significant amounts of energy to be lost within that area of the home. Homeowners can protect their systems against heat loss by simply insulating the water heater. This helps ensure the heat remains in the area and the system retains a consistently high temperature for optimal hot water use around the home.

4. Plug Air Leaks in the Home

Air leaking through the home’s foundation, walls, and ceiling areas is one of the leading causes of energy inefficiency. Caulking areas around windows and doors is important to sealing air within the home. But homeowners might also consider undergoing a home energy audit in order to be certain there are no hidden air leaks that might be costing them thousands of dollars in energy costs.

5. Upgrade Furnaces and Air Conditioning Systems

The older model HVAC systems simply don’t have the required technology to assure long-term energy efficiency. Homeowners might consider investing in newer model products to lower their expenditure in future years. Before making a decision, it’s important to speak with a heating and air conditioning specialist about the available products in the current marketplace.

There are clear, tangible steps homeowners can take to improve their home’s energy efficiency. To learn more on this process, speak with experts at Moore Heating and Air Conditioning directly at (707) 387-0265 or visit their business website at