Moore Heating and Air Conditioning Presents 5 Signs that a Furnace Requires Repair

Moore Heating and Air Conditioning Presents 5 Signs that a Furnace Requires Repair

When a furnace breaks down, the entire home is impacted, so it’s important to recognize when a furnace problem occurs to ensure that everyone in the home is comfortable when the weather begins to cool. For those with limited experience in the HVAC industry, expert guidance is required to help them understand the performance of their furnace systems. In this article, the team at Moore Heating and Air Conditioning presents five signs to look for indicating that a furnace requires repair.

  1. Banging Noises

Loud noises are a clear sign of a furnace issue. The problem could be related to internal damage within the system, or it simply could mean that a component has worn down over time and requires replacement. When loud noises are heard, it’s the ideal time to call a furnace repair professional to assess the problem.

  1. Unresponsive Thermostat

This is a sign homeowners may not identify until they go to turn on the system. If cranking the heat on the thermostat doesn’t result in an improvement in the heating levels within the home, there could be an issue with leaking ducts or the pilot light or there could be a direct problem with the thermostat.

  1. High Electricity Bills

A furnace is designed to maintain a specific level of heat within the home without compromising the system’s energy efficiency. The first sign many homeowners notice of a furnace issue is when their energy bills arrive. Inefficient performance and ever-higher energy costs are a clear sign of a failing or faulty system and must be met with professional repair guidance.

  1. Trouble Starting the Furnace

Many homeowners will go to turn on their furnace this wintertime only to find that the system won’t start or has trouble getting going. This problem is likely related to the wiring for the furnace, the fan motor, or the pilot light and should be analyzed by a specialist as soon as possible.

  1. Large Amounts of Condensation

While some condensation will occur when running a furnace in cool conditions, excess amounts that cause pooling water around windows and on floor areas should be considered a sign of a furnace issue.

By learning more about the potential signs of furnace repair issues, homeowners can be better prepared to respond to the problem. To learn more on the signs of furnace problems, speak with the trusted team at Moore Heating and Air Conditioning directly at (707) 433-2250 or by visiting