Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling Proudly Serves Petaluma

Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling proudly serves Petaluma and other communities in Sonoma County. Our company pioneered the Perfect Fit (TM) industry guideline program to find the best heating and cooling system for any building.

Solar systems

We will create and install solar panels on your roof to lower your energy cost. Solar panels with photovoltaic cells use sunlight to provide power to your home or office building. The type of solar panel system you need is based on the size of your home and your energy usage. Solar energy can be used to power HVAC systems.

Tax credits for solar installations can save you money while switching to a sustainable and clean energy source.

Heating and cooling

Our temperatures aren’t extreme enough for homeowners to use their HVAC system 24/7, but constantly adjusting the thermostat is inefficient. Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling proudly serves Petaluma with the newest thermostat technology for your HVAC unit. A modern thermostat will keep the home at an energy efficient temperature while you’re away and alter the temperature for optimal comfort when people return home.

We will install the most efficient thermostat timer system to save energy cost. Moore’s technicians are Diamond Certified specialists trained to install and service all heating and cooling systems from major manufacturers.

Indoor air quality

Your air filtration system must be working correctly to trap pollutants for good indoor air quality. Most people spend about 68% of their time in their homes. Pollutants in the air system can cause allergies, headaches and bacterial infections.

We monitor indoor air quality with a free assessment for homes and commercial buildings. This includes inspecting your HVAC system. Healthy indoor air quality results from a clean heating or air-conditioning system that works efficiently.

Moore / Solar / Heating / Cooling proudly serves Petaluma with emergency services 24/7. Visit us online or call 707-433-2250 for information and service.