Moore Solar, Heating & Cooling Proudly Serves Windsor, CA

Moore Solar, Heating & Cooling Proudly Serves Windsor, CA

Moore Solar, Heating & Cooling now offers several different services to residents of Windsor, CA.

Air conditioner repair is a primary focus area for most HVAC technicians in California due to the high temperatures summer can bring. Moore Solar, Heating & Cooling employs trained technicians who can diagnose and treat the cause of a broken A/C. Getting the cool air back into your house can usually be done in a matter of hours, whether the problem is something as simple as a defective fan motor, or as complex as a defective condenser.

If you are building a new home, Moore Solar, Heating & Cooling can install a new system from scratch, giving you what you need to make sure your home is climate controlled as efficiently as possible, while maintaining a healthy indoor air quality level.

For the cooler months of the year, Moore offers a heating service and installation service which keeps furnaces working no matter what type of fuel they consume. Getting the right sized furnace for your new home or making sure your current system is running at peak efficiency are both important when trying to keep down energy costs.

Solar panel installation is available for homeowners who want to reduce or possibly eliminate their electric bills, which is entirely possible thanks to the abundant sunlight Windsor receives. With federal tax credits and 100% financing available for qualified buyers, you may end up paying nothing up front for your solar panels. This would lead to a significant reduction of your carbon footprint while at the same time giving you energy independence from your electric company.

If you are looking for a solar, heating or cooling company in the Windsor area, give Moore Solar, Heating & Cooling a call at 707-433-2250. Visit their website to get more information on the types of services offered including solar panel installation and air conditioning repair.