Our Sonoma Air Conditioning Service Team Presents: 5 Things You Should Know About Your Air Conditioning System

Our Sonoma Air Conditioning Service Team Presents: 5 Things You Should Know About Your Air Conditioning System

In managing the performance of your air conditioning system, it’s important that you learn how the machine operates and how the technology works to cool your home. While you don’t need to know the engineering behind the system, there are some elements you should review in helping keep your air conditioning running to its most efficient levels. To help guide you within this process, our Sonoma air conditioning service team is highlighting five things you should know about your air conditioning system in this latest post.

  1. How to Change the Filter

You should know how to change the filter within your air conditioning system, and you should also know why this process is important. Installing a new filter each month within your air conditioning unit will help you save on cooling costs over the summer season. The process mitigates the impact of dirt and dust on the unit and helps provide a steady flow of clean air to the home environment.

  1. How to use the Timer

The timer on your air conditioning unit and connected thermostat is critical in ensuring optimal efficiency from your unit. You don’t need to be blasting cool air to the home throughout the day when nobody is home. Make sure you use the timer to control the flow of air and the temperature within the home both during the day and in the evening. This will help you save hundreds of dollars annually on cooling costs.

  1. The Importance of Keeping the Compressor Free of Obstructions

The compressor outside your home works to keep the flow of air moving inside the property. It’s imperative the compressor is kept free of obstructions to ensure that the flow of air continues to the home unimpeded. Make sure that all tree branches, plants, and other yard debris are kept away from the compressor outside the home.

  1. How to Improve Unit Efficiency

Your air conditioning unit should be used in conjunction with other elements around the home to ensure energy efficiency. For example, it’s important to keep blinds down so that the sun’s rays don’t raise the heat levels within the home. You should also consider running the unit in conjunction with home fans to help circulate cool air throughout the property.

  1. Scheduled Maintenance is Critical

You should also recognize the value of scheduled maintenance for your air conditioning unit. Oftentimes you won’t be able to tell if your system is experiencing a mechanical failure or damage to a component. It’s important units are analyzed by a professional and problems are resolved in a short timeframe to limit the cost of any future repairs and ensure maximum unit efficiency throughout the year.

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