Our Staff

Meet Our Staff


Service Technician

Dale is one of our phenomenal technicians. His most memorable and oldest piece of equipment he ever worked was a 1950’s carrier unit that was pastel blue… It was made as part of a matching set with an oven and refrigerator. Dale’s strongest attribute is talking with our customers and helping them figure out the best course of action they can take to fix their problematic heaters and air conditioners. When Dale is not bouncing down the road in our Moore van, he enjoys going to the firing range and practicing his marksmanship.


Service Technician

Eric is our go-to man for air sealing and high efficiency. His installation experience and knowledge is now helping many of our service customers experience added comfort from their HVAC systems and their homes in general. Eric is also the one who you would find up on a roof, spending 2 hours in the pouring rain to fix a heater so the owner could be warm. When Eric is not busy saving the day, he enjoys camping and fishing with his family and friends.


Service Technician

Jason is one of our most diverse service technicians. He started out as an installer and has worked his way into the service world. His installation background gives him a unique view of your home’s system and can troubleshoot complex system issues with ease. He is also a Giants fanatic, loves fishing, and has two kids. The oldest piece of equipment Jason has worked on was an old gravity furnace from the 1940’s.


Service Technician

Josh loves talking to our customers about indoor air quality and ductwork. When he is not busy educating our customers or working on HVAC units, Josh enjoys golfing and riding dirtbikes.


Installation Technician

Wade is one of our awesome Lead Installation Technicians. He is an overall superstar in our company and when he’s not installing new furnaces and air conditioners, Wade enjoys working on classic cars.