Protect Your Residential Heating and Air Conditioning System

Protect Your Residential Heating and Air Conditioning System

Conscientious property owners have their HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems professionally checked twice a year. The cost of an inspection is justified by the energy savings (and money savings) you realize when your home or business heating and air conditioning operate efficiently. But there are some do-it-yourself steps that will prolong and protect your HVAC system. categorizes 3 maintenance phases for you and offers a checklist for property owners:

1. Do It Now

  • Buy a high-efficiency, pleated air filter. This filter works like a magnet to trap bacteria-carrying particles that are in your air.
  • Clear leaves, grass, twigs and any environmental pollutants from your unit. Don’t let your mower throw grass onto the unit!
  • Make sure there is at least 2′ of space surrounding your heating and air conditioning unit.

2. Do It Seasonally

  • Replace your air filter 4x/year.
  • Inspect refrigerant lines.
  • Spring/summer, turn off the water to the furnace humidifier.
  • Fall/winter, replace the humidifier filter and turn on the water.
  • Don’t close more than 20% of your home’s heating and air conditioning registers; this will save unnecessary strain on your HVAC system.

3. Do It Annually

  • Replace your carbon monoxide detector’s battery.
  • Check the area around the HVAC unit for any decomposition; be sure your unit rests on firm and level ground or mount/pad.
  • Clean and clear out the AC condensate pan and drain the line (this is the small tube that drips water outside.) with a bleach and water solution. Some homeowners prefer to use a vinegar and water solution instead. Cleaning this line should remove clogs as well as prevent mold and algae from growing.

Residential heating and air conditioning emergencies in Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, Marin County, San Rafael and beyond don’t always occur during business hours. That’s why you can call Moore Heating and Air Conditioning at 707-814-4347 for 24/7 emergency service. If you’re building new or renovating this year, we’ll work with your architect and contractors; our goal is to meet your turnaround time and stay within your budget! For more information about cost-effective energy solutions for your home or business, contact us today.