Repair vs. Replace – What is Right for Your Air Condition System?

Repair vs. Replace – What is Right for Your Air Condition System?

If your air condition system is getting past its best before date, you start thinking whether you should replace it or have it repaired. Certainly replacing is the easiest option, but it’s not always the most cost-effective. Sometimes, repairing does make sense.

If you’re thinking of repairing, the first thing you have to consider is how much use your air condition unit has seen, and how well it’s been maintained. Obviously, a properly serviced system will last considerably longer than one that’s never seen a regular maintenance call. Sometimes, too, if replacement parts are available, you can repair a unit almost indefinitely.

Of course, air condition repair can be an undesirable solution if the unit is very old and inefficient – the cost of continuous repairs could be offset by the savings in energy that you’ll realize if you replace it with a more efficient unit. Ultimately, air conditioner repair can work in the short term, and even sometimes in the long term. But if you’re repairing over and over, it may be time to cut your losses and consider new air conditioning installation.

Here are some questions to ask yourself – has your unit been serviced regularly? Have there been numerous problems? Have the repairs been costly? You know what you’ve been spending on service calls, so you should have a good idea of whether you’re just throwing money away.

In addition to asking yourself questions, ask your contractor. If he seems overly eager to sell you a new system, dig deeper. Find out why. Is your system really done for, or is it just easier for the contractor to install a new one? Sometimes it’s not easy to diagnose a problem and correct it, so if you think your contractor is taking the easy way out, get a second opinion.

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