HVAC System Maintenance

HVAC System Maintenance in Santa Rosa, CA

Prevention gets you ahead of the curve every time. Moore Heating and Air Conditioningoffers a full-service HVAC maintenance contract that will place you at the top of the list should you have a urgent need for service and a discount on the cost of repairs. We will even give you a courtesy call to remind you when it’s time for a check up.

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HVAC Maintenance

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance that Works!

As the saying goes…
an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

By far, one of the most important keys to insuring that your family and business enjoy lower energy costs and preventing your unit from dying early is preventative maintenance. Heating and air is typically more than 40% of your utility costs.

Gold Club HVAC Maintenance Plan

Pay ahead on your regularly scheduled maintenance to receive sizeable discounts to not only your maintenance, but additional products and services as well. Should your system need a repair during your active membership, you will not pay a service call fee, you are at the top of the list for appointments and receive a 10% discount on any repair service.

Heating & Air Conditioning Gold Membership Maintenance Plan Benefits:

  • Discounted maintenance cost
  • Move to the top of the list with priority service response.
  • 10% discount on ANY Moore HVAC service.
  • Never pay a diagnostic fee on covered equipment.
  • Never pay overtime on covered equipment.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, If you are unhappy – we’ll buy it back!

Why maintenance for your HVAC system matters

One of the major factors that increase the lifetime cost of owning and operating heating and cooling systems involves the amount of maintenance that you perform routinely.

Like any major machine, you need to perform routine heating and air conditioning system maintenance to keep its working systems clean and in order for long-term health and efficiency. When was the last time you looked under the hood of your air conditioning unit? Probably never, right? It’s easy to neglect. But, the costs can be substantial. It is much cheaper to identify and resolve small problems before they become large ones.

Air-conditioning equipment can be very costly – even as much as a car. A preventative maintenance contract is absolutely essential for all units.

The 4 Most Important Reasons You Need a Preventative Maintenance Contract

  • Prevent major, costly repairs
  • Prolong the life of your system
  • Maintain your system for ultimate efficiency
  • Save money on your monthly utility bills

Moore HVAC has a number of service programs to help keep your energy costs at their minimum and the lifetime of your unit(s) at their maximum. Ask us today about how we can help you.

When It Comes to Maintenance, We Are Thorough

Our heating & cooling maintenance is effective and comprehensive. Our technician will thoroughly clean the unit, check the air filter, adjust belt tension if needed, check control equipment, lubricate all bearings, inspect for refrigerant leaks, gas leaks or oil traces, check condensate pumps, pans and drain lines. They will also check motors and compressors for excessive amperage, inspect all electrical connections and prepare your system for the upcoming season. We will verify that your system is safe for operation and look for signs of impending trouble. We help you stay ahead of potential problems!