The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Furnaces

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Furnaces

When it comes to furnaces there is no lack of options. Many big brands have varying products, but what you will be looking for most is high efficiency. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) states that 56% of the energy consumed in your house goes to heating and cooling.

As such you need a product that will help reduce such consumption. Furnace repair experts come in handy when you want to install or enhance the performance of your unit. The main points to note about your furnace should be:

The size of the unit measured in BTUs

This determines the level of comfort you get to enjoy in your home while also impacting energy efficiency. A small furnace will run constantly thus running up the bills. On the other hand a very large unit will turn on and off regularly thus hurting the efficiency of the system and eventually lowering the lifespan of your unit. Luckily, heating contractors have the expertise to help you choose the right furnace.

Energy Consumption

With 56% of your power bill going towards heating and cooling you need a unit that is efficient in turning energy into heat. AFUE rating indicates what is turned into heat and what gets lost up the flue pipe. An HVAC contractor will guide you through conventional furnaces with 80-83% and higher-efficiency condensing furnaces turning 90-98% energy into heat.

Furnace Mode of Operation

If you call a furnace repair expert they will ask what type of product you have. In essence they are asking about the blower and burner type. Stage burner types range from single, two-stage and modulating. Blowers vary from single, variable and multi-speed units.

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