The Importance Of Maintaining Your Ducting And Filter

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Ducting And Filter

The most reliable modern method of heating and cooling your home is through forced-air systems: heat distributing and air conditioning units that distribute warm or cool air through ductwork and vents. These systems are one of man’s greatest inventions and have replaced methods like fireplaces and wall heaters, which are both inefficient and with fireplaces, can pollute the air in your home.  The air in your home that passes through a forced-air system with a clean filter is much less likely to contain harmful particles and is much safer for your family.  However, there is a downside to the ducting that the air passes through, if not properly maintained they can develop contamination. Dust, dirt, pollen, dander, or micro-bacteria, can accumulate and contribute to a reduction in your indoor air quality. They can also place a greater strain on your heating and air conditioning  system, which could shorten the lifespan of your heating and air conditioning unit and lead to higher monthly energy bills.

No matter where you live or how thoroughly you clean your home, some dust and pollen are going to accumulate in your ducting.  The best solution for this in Sonoma County, Marin County or Napa County is to call Moore Heating and Air Conditioning to come to your home and professionally remove all of the particles.  This is not an easy process and requires experienced technicians with the right equipment, trying to do this yourself can result in costly repairs.

The process that our technicians use to clean your heating and air conditioning ducts begins with testing the system, they open up the cabinet of your heating and air conditioning system, check to see if it is functioning correctly, and then shut the power to it off.  The next step is to remove the blower and access the vents.  The next and most important step is to attach a high powered vacuum to the duct work that applies pressure to the entire network, compressed air then blasts the particle from the walls of the ducting, making it easier for the vacuum to suck it up.  If necessary,  the technicians can also use tools like rotary brushes or cameras to ensure all of the particles are being removed.  Once the cleaning process is completed, the technicians can remove the vacuum, reconnect the blower and seal up the ductwork.  They finish by powering up the heating and air conditioning system and running a final test to ensure that there are no leaks and the system is in good working order.

Duct cleaning is a complex job that should be done by professionals with the proper equipment, it should not be left to anyone without the training and experience to make sure it is done right.  In Sonoma and Napa county call Moore Heating and Air conditioning for all of your duct maintenance needs.  Their technicians are certified, knowledgeable and can guarantee you better air quality with a well maintained heating and air conditioning system. To perform  a Complete Nikko Negative Pressure Duct Cleaning on an existing supply & return system. Our technicians will:

1) Conduct True Negative Pressure Duct Cleaning. Set up a Huge Hepa Vacuum Cleaner near the Furnace.

2) All Registers would be removed and all register boots (sheet metal fittings at each register locations) location would be covered and one register would get uncovered at a time. This allows all of the suction power to go to one duct (register).

3) Then we would run brush (hooked to an electric drill) down that one duct (approx 25′). This would loosen all the debris that is on the walls of the duct. Then we pull out the brush and run an air hose at approx 100 psi down that one duct to push any leftover debris toward the Huge Hepa Vacuum Cleaner that has been running the entire time.

4) This type of duct cleaning definitely takes longer to perform but the end result is incredible compared to Type 2 Duct Cleaning.

5) Clean and Sanitize all Sheet metal Boots at each Register. This will increase your overall system efficiency by 7-10% in both Heating & Cooling Seasons. (***Increased efficiency provided by a PGE Third Party Energy Study. All amounts are approx.)

Overview of Different Types of Duct Cleaning:

Type 1: as detailed above.

Type 2: is a vacuum cleaner with a brush that spins on the end of it. The most common brand is “RotoBrush”. This type of duct cleaning is not what I recommended because it does not do an effective job in cleaning your entire duct system. Be CAREFUL this type of duct cleaning is advertised as a “Negative Pressure” Duct Cleaning even though it is not.