The Importance of Napa HVAC Residential Maintenance

The Importance of Napa HVAC Residential Maintenance

A question we often hear is whether annual service of heating and air conditioning systems is truly necessary. As one of the leading HVAC providers in Napa and surrounding areas, our experts at Moore Solar, Heating & Cooling can answer the question with a resounding yes! At a minimum, your HVAC unit needs an annual maintenance service. Ideally, you should order a twice-yearly maintenance service, especially if you would like to keep future repairs to a minimum.

At Moore HVAC in Napa, our technicians are highly skilled and well trained in maintenance, repairs, and installations. We always recommend regular maintenance rather than waiting for a problem to occur. Any reputable HVAC provider should be willing to provide a maintenance service of your units.

Regular HVAC Services

Some homeowners erroneously believe that they can save money by avoiding annual maintenance services on their HVAC unit. Unfortunately, too many homeowners think that a new air-conditioning installation means they no longer have to worry about their units – until something breaks down.

If you aren’t having your unit regularly serviced, there’s a greater likelihood you will be paying for air-conditioning repairs or heating repairs sooner rather than later.

5 Reasons for Regular Maintenance

Here are five reasons to have a Moore technician perform regular HVAC maintenance on your unit:

  1. Some manufacturer warranties require routine maintenance by a professional to maintain your warranty coverage. Check your warranty documents.
  2. Regular maintenance helps systems run more efficiently and can save on utility costs.
  3. A professional HVAC provider can make sure your system is running safely.
  4. You can help extend the life of your unit by several years through regular maintenance.
  5. Routine maintenance can mean fewer malfunctions. Clean and properly lubricated parts ensure your system functions smoothly throughout the year, particularly during our Northern California dry, hot summer days!

At Moore HVAC, our residential services across the Napa area include regular maintenance service, furnace repair and installation, solar panel installation, air duct cleaning, indoor air quality testing, and more. Contact us at 707-433-2250 to schedule maintenance for your HVAC systems. A regular service appointment can save time and money down the road!