The Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioning

Running your air conditioner is a wonderful way to remain comfortable inside your home or business. However, it also can quickly expand your energy bill. To walk the fine line of comfort and expense, make sure to follow through with this ultimate guide to air conditioning. Plus, make sure to take advantage of a top-quality air conditioning service in Sonoma, such as Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling to keep your entire HVAC system running throughout the year.

Sonoma Air Conditioning Guide

  1. The closer you set your thermostat to the current outdoor temperature, the lower your energy bill will be. Setting the inside temperature close to the outdoor level isn’t always possible, but by turning the AC temperature up even one or two degrees can have a major impact.
  2. Is the house extremely warm and you want to cool it quickly? Don’t reduce the home’s temperature just to cool it faster. This does reduce the amount of time you need to cool the house, but it costs more to reach the desired temperature. It also puts excessive strain on the AC, which in turn may cause undesired damage. Instead of utilizing an air conditioning service in Sonoma, avoid excessive temperature shifts.
  3. If you use a window unit in your home, have a fan positioned next to the window. This will help push the cooler air through the room instead of having it linger just by the window. Doing this helps when you’re using a single room unit to cool more than a single room.
  4. Move anything that generates heat away from the thermostat. This can throw off the temperature reading. Anything from a television to a lamp can alter the thermostat. This causes the AC to work harder and make the room cooler than what you need it.
  5. Upgrading your AC is always a possibility. With an available upgrade, you can improve the functionality of the air conditioning in your home or business. It will also save you money on energy bills thanks to a reduction in energy consumption.

Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling

By following these basic steps, you’ll increase your level of comfort while reducing energy consumption. Should you run into any problems with your AC or other parts of the HVAC throughout the year though, make sure to reach out and contact Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling at (707) 433-2250. Whether you have a basic question or are ready to set up an in-home air conditioning service, give Moore Solar / Heating / Cooling a call today!