Thinking about an Indoor Air Purifier?

Thinking about an Indoor Air Purifier?

While spring and summer bring us beautiful weather and moderate temperatures, they also bring dust and allergens into our homes.  An indoor air purifier can be a wonderful addition to your climate control needs.

Why would I need an Indoor Air Purifier?

The typical home replaces its indoor air with air from outside about every 2 hours.  That’s a lot of new pollutants brought into your house daily!

You can help to alleviate some of this turnover by vacuuming more often, eliminating any smoke in the area, using hard window coverings rather than fabric, and installing an indoor air purifier.  The indoor air purifier will help target unwanted allergens and pollutants in short period of time.

There are several different types available, so contact us today at Moore Heating and Air Conditioning! We can help guide you to the correct choice for your family!