Tips on What to Do If your Furnace is Not Producing Enough Heat

Tips on What to Do If your Furnace is Not Producing Enough Heat

California is well known for its great weather, but winters here can be brutal. If your furnace is not producing enough heat in the winter, you’ll need to find out why and call a furnace repair company before you have to face a cold winter night.

Reasons why furnaces may not produce enough heat include:

1.Air filters are dirty

When was the last time you had your air filters replaced? If they are full, they will inhibit the flow of air and therefore cause the furnace to be inefficient in heating. It is important to have annual maintenance of the furnace which includes regular replacement of the filters. This will ensure that this problem is avoided.

2.Faulty thermostat

Your furnace may not be producing enough heat because the thermostat is not working properly. Your thermostat will have to be replaced. This is an easy job for a professional heating repair company.

3.Poor insulation

Your furnace may be working properly even when you feel that it isn’t producing enough heat. The problem could lie with the insulation of your home. If your home is not properly insulated e.g. drafty windows, you will lose a lot of the heat from within the home. Have a professional furnace repair technician check the furnace and the home for problems with insulation.

4.Wrong furnace size

The furnace you have may be too small to meet the demands of heating your home.

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