To Do List: Air Conditioning Repair in Santa Rosa, Napa, San Rafael, and Marin County

Remember last summer when you weren’t sure your air conditioner was quite as cold as it used to be? Or maybe it didn’t work at all. Remember how you said you’d get it fixed before the hot weather returns? Well, believe it or not, we’re about halfway there. After New Year’s, why not put “get AC fixed” on your to do list? If you need your heater repaired during this cold snap, have us take a look at the AC while we’re there. Moore provides air conditioning repair in Santa Rosa, Napa, San Rafael, and Marin County, and we can repair your AC if needed or do maintenance that will prolong the life of your system. Here are some other suggestions for things to do now in preparation for next summer.

To Do List Before the Hot Weather Hits

Make Reservations

Remember last summer when that campground you’ve always wanted to try was all booked up for the summer by the time you tried to make reservations? Or when you there were reservations available but you couldn’t find a date on your calendar that everyone in your family had free? It’s time to make the reservation and have everyone save the date! Your summer fun starts with planning now.

Buy Tickets

Remember last summer when the cheap seats were gone for that concert/plane flight/baseball game? Or when there were no seats left at all?  It’s time to buy your summer tickets, and once again, to have everyone mark their calendars. January can be dreary. By making summer plans now you can have something exciting to look forward to.

Prune Plants

Remember last summer when your roses didn’t looked scraggly and had few blooms? Remember wondering why everyone else’s roses didn’t seem to have that problem? You’ll thank yourself next summer for the prep work you put in now. It’s time to prune roses and some fruits and vines. And did you know that 2015 was designated as the International Year of the Soil? Neither did we, but the good news is that all the online information put up this past year about soil health is still on the internet, and you can find out how to prepare your soil now for a fruitful garden come summer.

So get those summer plans going, and, of course, call us any time for air conditioning repair in Santa Rosa, Napa, San Rafael, and Marin County. The sooner the better. Sometimes that first heat wave comes before we expect it to. CONTACT US or call (707) 433-2250.

Moore Heating and Air Conditioning provides HVAC installation and repair and air conditioning repair in the Santa Rosa, Napa, San Rafael, Marin County area.