We Provide Furnace Repair in San Rafael

We Provide Furnace Repair in San Rafael

Your furnace is usually out of sight and therefore out of mind, but there is nothing quite like needing a furnace repair in San Rafael to elevate that boxy contraption to the top of your thoughts – and anxieties.

You can rest assured knowing that the most trusted and reliable furnace repair in San Rafael is provided by Moore Heating, Cooling & Solar, who will fix whatever is ailing your furnace. While you wait for us to arrive, and with your furnace at the top of your mind, you can burn off some nervous tension by doing some simple preliminary checks.

Approach Prepared

Grab your furnace owner’s manual, a flashlight, a drinking straw (stay tuned on this important tool), a vacuum with attachments, an emery board and some lightweight machine oil. Do only what you feel comfortable handling and nothing more: Moore will handle the rest on your behalf.

  • Turn off your furnace. Then blow through the straw to remove dust from around the pilot light and surface igniters.
  • Vacuum around the burners and the blower compartment.
  • Remove any residue from the sensor with the emery board.
  • Follow the manual’s instructions about where to apply the machine oil. Two or three drops should be more than enough.
  • Replace the filter if it’s clogged with dirt.
  • Check the drive belt. One that is ridden with tears or cracks should be replaced – a task that Moore can undertake as you await your furnace repair in San Rafael.
  • Ensure that the burner flames are blue, not yellow (a color that often signifies a problem with the burners).

Moore Heating, Cooling & Solar Does So Much More

You can depend on Moore to go above and beyond your expectations for furnace repair in San Rafael. When the weather changes, you can count on Moore to provide other seasonal services, including:

  • Air conditioning installation
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Air conditioning service
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Solar system services

For the very best in furnace repair and customer service in San Rafael, contact Moore Heating, Cooling & Solar at 707-433-2250.