We Serve Marin with the Latest HVAC Equipment

We Serve Marin with the Latest HVAC Equipment

January 17th 2017 – Marine County : Moore   Solar / Heating / Cooling is extremely proud that we serve Marin. As a family owned and operated business, we feel very close to the Marin community. In fact, our business is built on the strength of our customer service, which is why HVAC in Marin County is chosen time and time again.

How We Service Marin

Our reputation as one of the most trustworthy HVAC businesses in Marin comes from the relationships that we’ve fostered with residents through our stellar customer service. Our customer service is as strong as it is for the following reasons:

  • We provide only top quality HVAC products and equipment to ensure that Marin residents and business owners are able to achieve their desired comfort levels at reduced energy costs.
  • We have our own load calculation system, known as Perfect Fit, that allows us to provide accurate advice concerning the size of your HVAC units. Inaccurate sizes can cause serious problems. An HVAC unit that’s too small will have trouble meeting your heating or cooling needs, while an HVAC unit that is too big will waste energy and increase your energy costs.
  • We guarantee satisfaction with our services. Our technicians are trained to fully inform every one of our customers about their HVAC options in terms that they can understand so that they know what they are buying.
  • We offer a full-year trial on our HVAC units. This means that once the year is up and you’re not satisfied with your new unit, we’ll give you your money back and remove the unit for free.
  • Our technicians receive continual education and training to keep up with all the latest HVAC advancements so we can better fit our customers’ needs.

For more information about how we give HVAC service in Marin County  or to schedule a free in-home assessment, call (707) 433-2250 today. Visit us online at MooreHVAC.com.