What Size A/C or Furnace does Your House Require?

What Size A/C or Furnace does Your House Require?


Heating and air conditioning is necessary for a comfortable home. You need a good furnace in the winter and ample air conditioning in the Summer to ensure a comfortable home.

Many home owners make the mistake of going for size when purchasing a heating and air conditioning system for their homes. If your cooling system is too large, it will cool the room too fast and remove only a small portion of humidity. If your furnace is too small, you will need to run it for longer to heat a large room. You’ll be in need of furnace repair services more often as a result.

The following are some factors to consider when purchasing:

1. The size and shape of the rooms

It is important to determine the square footage of the room. This will play an important role in determining what size of system to purchase for your home. You can have a furnace repair professional assist you in determining the correct cooling capacity based on the space to be heated.

2. Climate

Your location and the climate in your area also affect the size. A home in Northern California will experience milder winters and require less heating than one in New England.

3. Efficiency

If you want to spend less in running costs and still get a lot out of your appliance, be sure to select an efficient model.

Be sure to speak to a furnace repair professional before you make your purchase. They can help guide you and ensure that you select the right make.

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