Why Hiring a Reputable Marin County HVAC Professional Matters

Why Hiring a Reputable Marin County HVAC Professional Matters

When it comes to your family, home, and safety, there should be no compromise and there should be no shortcuts. Hiring a reputable HVAC company, such as Moore Solar, Heating & Cooling in Marin County with well-trained and well-skilled technicians, can make a significant difference in the safety of your family, the efficiency of your HVAC system, and even in your energy bills and savings.

As one of the leading HVAC providers in Marin County, we have built our reputation on excellence in our work, the products we offer, and your customer service experience. We are committed to full transparency in costs. When you call Moore Solar, Heating & Cooling, you are calling expertly trained professionals in HVAC residential services.

Our Services

  • Our technicians are experts in all residential HVAC services including the service, repair, and installation of heating and air conditioning systems.
  • We are experts in solar panel installation, air duct cleaning, and indoor air quality testing.

Our Company and Technicians

  • Our company is committed to hiring only the best-trained professionals in the industry in Northern California.
  • We can provide references from current customers.

Our Products and Installations

  • We are experts in the products we service and sell. Our technicians know how to properly and efficiently install them.
  • As experts and pioneers in load calculation, we can offer advice on the appropriate unit for the size of your home and needs.
  • If you live in an older home or have family members with asthma or allergies, we perform indoor air quality testing and can advise you further if there are any concerns.

Contact Moore Solar, Heating & Cooling today at 707-433-2250 if you need a Marin County HVAC expert in:

  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • HVAC
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Heating Repairs
  • Furnace Repair and Installation
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing

We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with excellent customer service!