Common Reasons For Furnace Breakdowns

Winter is just around the corner. It is time to get that furnace up and running again. However, you may not have a warm and cozy winter especially if your furnace breaks down. Now is the time to ensure that your furnace will work through the winter.

The following are common reasons why your furnace may break down.

Ignition failure:

This is a common problem for electric and modern gas furnaces. Both these types of furnaces use an electrical ignition. If this ignition fails, the heating cycle cannot begin. The furnace cannot therefore turn on at all. This is easily fixable with the help of professional heating repairs.

Gas line trouble:

This is another common problem for gas furnaces. If you have a problem with your gas supply line, your furnace is not likely to work at all. Problems with the line may occur for a number of reasons. It is important that you do not attempt to investigate this on your own. Contact a furnace repair specialist if you notice that the pilot light or the gas jets are not turning on.

Broken bearings, belts or motor:

You may be experiencing mechanical problems inside your furnace such as with your motor. This is responsible for running the fan that will distribute heat. If the motor, fan or bearings are damaged then the furnace will not work.

Lack of maintenance

If you are not spending money to have your furnace checked and tuned-up, then your furnace is likely to break down from wear and tear. Regular maintenance ensures that your furnace is running at optimum and worn out parts are repaired or replaced.

Whatever the cause of your furnace’s break down, be sure to call in professional furnace repair services.

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